Our accessibility solution has an extensive range of tools making your website digitally accessible for everyone to enjoy with ease.
Whether your visitor uses 1 or all of the available tools to make their browsing experience more accessible, they can switch all tools off with the click of a single button.
Our accessibility tool simply acts as an easy to use widget meaning your visitors do not need to navigate away to a daunting, complicated page unlike other accessibility solutions.
Why should I invest in an accessibility solution?

Because browsing the internet with ease is a right, not an option.

The accessibility of UK websites is covered under the Equality Act 2010 which protects all individuals from unfair treatment. Website owners are required to make reasonable adjustments to make their sites accessible by people with disabilities.

Not only is making your site accessible the moral and legally correct thing to do, it is also:

  • Affordable – from £45 per month
  • Easy – installed within 48 hours
  • Good for SEO – accessible websites are known to rank higher in search
  • Highly customisable – we can style the tool to your branding


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Let's make your website accessible for everybody to enjoy!

Our solution makes achieving accessibility compliance quick and cost-effective,

We use cutting edge technology based on unique artificial intelligence algorithms to make your site and content accessible.

The best part? We offer a 30-day FREE trial!


Screen Reader Adjustment

The screen reader functionality specifically caters to the blind and providers the perfect interaction between the user and the page.

When prompted, the reader converts digital text into speech dictating all semantics and information necessary for the blind to successfully navigate through the entire website.


Ever been on a website and been presented with an ad for a product you’ve previously looked at, prompting you to go back and buy? This is called remarketing, and here at Custard Digital, we’re very good at it!

If you would like to bring back drifting visitors and/or get your brand embedded in minds – talk to us!

Email marketing

Email marketing is without a doubt one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.

With developments in technology and artificial intelligence, email marketing is a great tool for various marketing methods from obtaining to retaining customers.

In-video / App ad's

We’ve all being there – watching ‘the perfect t-shirt folding technique’ on YouTube at 23:49 in the evening, when that ad for the latest ski’s from your favourite brand pops up.

Join 87% of online marketers, and in the video ad revolution with Custard Digital and get your brand in front of the millions of viewers out there.

Print marketing

Direct mail marketing

It may be an old method – but it’s still being used, and depending on your business, it could work wonders!

Want to announce a new product or service in a certain area? Talk to us!

The Custard Way

Our process is designed for success

Our up-front, transparent and efficient process has been designed to ensure your projects goes a smooth as custard.

1) Let’s talk

We’ll go through your requirements and understand your business, we’ll then get to the drawing board with some suggestions.

3) We begin creating

We begin creating and/or implementing your chosen idea.

2) Present ideas

We will then get back to you and present four ideas, each one unique. You will then accept an idea or reject.

4) Let’s Launch

Your marketing solution is complete. You’ve approved it and you’re 100% satisfied. Let’s get you launched and earning!

Fulham Timber

Taking one of the UK's most reputable builders merchants online

Why we’re the solution for your new marketing project.

Besides decades of experience and coming highly recommended, there are a few reasons why we stand out.

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All of our marketing campaigns are designed with the target market in mind. We can use technology to target based on various aspects such as age, location, language interests, and more.

GDPR Compliant

We carry out an assessment to ensure our concepts are all GDPR compliant.


Most of our campaigns come with automated weekly reporting, ensuring that you can always monitor how your campaigns are performing..

Awesome Design

We design head-turning campaigns for each and every project.


As corny as it may be, the saying ‘time is money’ is not wrong. That’s why we ensure your project is completed without delay and compromise in quality.

London Based Support

Whether you’re dealing with sales or support, our London based team are here and ready to help.


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