the custard digital difference,

When it comes to eCommerce we don’t believe in compromise, only the best.

We’re in an era where do-it-yourself building website tools and low-cost freelancers are everywhere.

While these are an option, we do not believe they are the option. Why?

Because building a website isn’t just about populating a page with information or making it look pretty.

It’s about knowing your user’s path. Where will they look, where will they click, what designs work, which ones don’t?

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We create eCommerce solutions that fill the bank, without breaking it.

We think of our eCommerce solutions as a meal.

Our clients start off with a generous portion of transparent and honest service and pricing, followed by a main of websites built with jaw-dropping designs and converting technology.

What meal is complete without dessert? A big scoop of customer satisfaction and sweet success is what our clients have grown to expect, and we deliver every time.

It’s what makes us Custard.

Need us to create an eCommerce site from scratch?

How do I decide which platform to use?

Every project has unique requirements. When you tell us about your plans, we will suggest the best solution for your project, explaining why we’ve come to the decision.

We’ve partnered with the likes of BigCommerce and Shopify – so you’re in good hands!

Do I need to add and create all of the content myself?


We believe in flexibility, and creating or adding content such as products and pages, can be done in any combination.

You could create the content, we could add it. You could even do it all. You might even want us to conduct photo shoots for your products, write descriptions and post them to your site.

Your content can be created or managed by whoever you want.

How do payments on my website work?


We give you a list of payment processing companies which can be used, listing the features of all of them. You then decide which one(s) you’d like to use, and we make it happen.

You will need to create an account with the chosen provider, we can guide you through this.

Note: We highly recommend our partners Klarna, allowing your customers to pay later, with zero-risk to you!

Will my website be secure?

Most definitely.

We only use tried and tested platforms and payment processors.
Security is taken so seriously here at Custard Digital, we also include basic level security with every project, free-of-charge for a lifetime.

We also ensure that every eCommerce website we create has an SLL certificate included for the first year.

Need us to improve your existing solution?

Do you offer personalisation tools?

Most definitely, and only the best.

Anybody who has anything remotely to do with eCommerce would have heard the words ‘website personalisation’ going around’.

Personalisation is essential to a successful user-experience and also increased conversions.

We’ve partnered with our friends over at Segmentify who we well and truly believe are the best in the game when it comes to personalisation.
Get in touch with us to discuss your website and your options.

I've outgrown my existing solution, can you help?

Outgrowing a solution is always a good thing, the only downside can be the stress that comes with it. We’re not counsellors but we can definitely take that stress away.

Whether you would like us to re-platform your website or adapt your existing setup to accommodate your growth, we’d be happy to speak about your requirements and come up with a game-changing solution.
The Custard Way

Our process is designed for success

Our up-front, transparent and efficient process has been designed to ensure your projects goes a smooth as custard.

1) Let’s talk

We’ll go through your requirements and understand your business, we’ll then get to the drawing board with some suggestions.

4) We begin building

We begin building or implementing your chosen concept resulting in a pixel-perfect, optimised solution awaiting your approval.

2) Present ideas

We will then get back to you and present four concepts, each packed with features which you will then accept or reject for us to do some more work on.

4) Let’s Launch

Your eCommerce solution is complete. You’ve approved it and you’re 100% satisfied. Let’s get you launched and earning!

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Why we’re the solution for your new eCommerce project.

Besides decades of experience and coming highly recommended, there are a few reasons why we stand out.

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User Experience

Our sites are designed with the users-journey in-mind for ease-of-use.


We include basic firewalls and monthly backups as standard for peace-of-mind.

Awesome Design

Besides being easy to use, our sites are always designed with trends and future-proofing in-mind.

London Based Support

Whether you’re dealing with sales or support, our London based team are here and ready to help.


Nothing puts visitors off and kills conversions more than a sluggish site – that’s why we only use Europe-based, fast servers.


We’re partnered with eCommerce platforms, technology solutions and banks to ensure we can offer you the best solutions.


Great, so you’re convinced we can help.
You’re a form away from a great quotation and an amazing solution. 

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1) About You

Tell us about yourself so we can understand your business better.

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