BMW Posts Hilarious Tribute to Mercedes-Benz CEO On Retirement

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BMW and Mercedes-Benz are known to poke fun at each other. Upon the news of Mercedes-Banz CEO Deiter Zetsche retiring, BMW posted on a farewell video for Zetsche on their Youtube channel.

The video shows a Mercedes-Benz CEO, Deiter Zetsche lookalike walking into the Mercedes offices to bid farewell to his colleagues. Upon returning home, he walks into his garage, and pulls out driving a BMW i8 followed by a touching message, ‘Thank you, Dieter Zetsche, for so many years of inspiring competition’.

Mercedes-benz was quick to respond with a great tweet;

Who doesn’t love a bit of competitive marketing – we look forward to seeing what’s next!

Onur Levent

Onur Levent

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