Hell-to-the-yes (excuse the profanity).

According to stats provided by StatCounter a whopping 45.91% of websites were visited using a mobile device in 2018 across the world, this figure jumps to 49.77% if you are to include tablets.

This shows the direction in which browsing habits are quickly headed thanks to ever-improving smart-phones and mobile websites.

Mobile websites are now and have been for a long time now expected as standard rather than being a bonus. So much so that even Google and other search engines penalise rankings for websites without a mobile website.

Thanks to innovation in coding, available resources, and growing demand – having a mobile or responsive version of your site is now easier than ever, and provided as standard by many agencies (including ours) and also off-the-shelf tools.

The truth is, nobody with an online presence (especially eCommerce websites) can afford not to have a mobile website. Having a mobile or responsive website isn’t just about your website looking pretty on a mobile device. It’s also about user-experience and the journey, especially for eCommerce websites. It is extremely important to plan your user-experience before implementing a mobile solution and to carry out tests afterward using tools such as Hotjar to see how effective your solution is. Why? How many times have you quit a session due to clumsy user-interface or poor performance? You do not want to be one of those websites under any circumstances, especially becomes most of us don’t give those sites another chance.

So do you believe you can afford not to have a responsive website? Of course not, nobody can. You’d quickly turn into once of these guys,  – extinct.

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Onur Levent

Onur Levent

Proud founder of London's digital agency, Custard Digital. I've been creating and developing brands for over 9 years, and have been specialising in eCommerce in the last 5. I'm avid Chelsea fan, enjoy traveling, and belting out 80's classics in the shower.

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